Eamon McKiernan


"I may not have much of a personality, but my silly socks make up for it!"

Hi, my name is Eamon McKiernan and I am a Web Designer and Developer with proficiency in Table Tennis, Front End Development, the Adobe Suite and making terrible puns. Beginning university in 2016, I studied Computer Science for a year before deciding this wasn’t my passion and switching to Digital and Graphic Design instead. Having studied for 3 years now and finishing off my fourth year at Curtin, I am particularly interested in shaping my identity as a person, forming industry connections and gaining further work experience. My main interest is in Web Development but I am also interested in Web Design, User Experience Design, Graphic Design, Brand Consultancy and Social Media. My main priority when it comes to design is fleshing out an idea and focusing on the user experience and aesthetic of that design. Having worked in the industry for a little under a year now, interning at companies such as Novata Solutions and Humaan, I am aware of the workplace standards and how to work in a fast-paced environment. I hope to continue working and continue learning, leading into the future. In summary, all you need to know is I know how to make a banging hot chocolate.