Jasmine Lewis



"Just a country girl, farming and designing things"

"Having recently graduated in graphic design and marketing, I have the ability to integrate both the skills and knowledge to create a cohesive brand and strategy. Behind every one of my designs is a marketing mindset and brand strategy. Designs not only need to look good but serve a purpose. Every brand identity needs a brand story, and this is what I achieve to convey in all of my creations. With this, I have grown up on a small country farm in Esperance and moved to the big smoke to further my career. My personality is reflected in my designs where they are bright, bold, confident, passionate and approachable. Being a freelance graphic designer for a small part of my growing career, I’m at a stage where I want to jump into the agency lifestyle to make real change. I’m always looking to expand my knowledge and skills of design and I’m more motivated and excited than ever. When I’m not busy designing, I’m baking my fav choc chip cookies, forever out on brunch dates, or eating ramen on the regular (very food related hobbies)."