Kevin Brazier


"Right now I'm thinking about getting loaded dice, then see where my luck takes me."

I am Kevin, people see me as an Illustrator, Adventurer and D&D enthusiast, I’ve always been inspired to create and visualise fantasy worlds since being a kid. At a young age I invested a lot of my time reading stories and learning to draw. I was so interested in fantasy art I eventually studied and received a Diploma & Advance Diploma in Visual and Contemporary Arts at the Central Institute of Technology then I continued my studies in Illustration at Curtin University. I learnt how to draw mostly because I wanted to explain and display my imagination to others, for them to see my perspective of the world. To show others how I see myself and even how I see them. This has made me focus on the characters within fantasy, but also how people want to be represented as their own fantasy characters. Since improving my technical skills my focus has been character illustrations, doing commission work for those who don’t have their own technical skills but want to show others their imagination as well.