Kody Mason


"Illustrator, Designer and Sneaker-Head."

"My name is Kody Mason, and I am an Illustrator who prides himself in the ability to convey messaging and creative diversity through curated uses of colour and line. I am a contrasting yet adaptive artist that produces work to a professional calibre working alongside briefs to achieve expert results. As a creative, I understand the need to adapt and evolve with the development of technology and medium. I have culminated a diverse skill set in a variety of current digital mediums such as the essential Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator and Animate) as well as a continual development of mediums such as 3D modelling. Outside of university, I gained further skills in professional client work. Achieving high-level clients through the diversity of my work and providing expert results within a set time frame. Additionally, I also tutored younger students with the help of my advanced knowledge in digital illustration at the Gifted and Talented program at Balcatta Senior High School. Aside from my skills and abilities, I show a deep passion for the illustration process and continuously seek out alternative methods outside of commercial and university work, discovering tools and techniques to help me become the best creative possible."