Mackenzie Lukic


"The best products are nothing if they can’t be seen on the shelf."

Having a keen interest in art and design from an early age, I knew early on that a career in a creative industry was right for me. Beginning University right out of high school allowed me to explore several different disciplines of design. Starting in digital design and later moving into graphic design, I quickly learnt my passion was in the latter. Yearning for a deeper understanding of the business aspects relevant to my degree I initiated a minor degree in marketing to give me an edge in the field. Now graduating with a major in Graphic design and a minor in marketing, I pride myself in having an understanding of both disciplines. Exploring both marketing and design has led to grow a strong interest in brand strategy, something I wish to specialise in moving forward in my career. Now, my goals for the future consist of gaining real world experience in a professional environment, consistently building my skillset and challenging myself to create exciting and unique brands and identities. I truly look forward to an exciting and fulfilling career in design.