Madison Guidone


""When they zig, you zag"- Daniel McKeating"

Hi! My name is Madison and I've been studying Graphic Design for the last 9 years. With six years of Graphic Design from Iona Presentation College and three years of Graphic Design at Curtin under my belt, I have been able to work with many different clients, as well as travelling to Japan for my creative efforts. I love looking at any task from a subverted point of view, and have been able to create some really out there projects for clients, like Bunnings Warehouse. I treat every brief as if it were my own child, and put in the upmost care to make sure it not only satisfies the client, but also gets people talking, too! I am very lucky to be among the rare few students that have received 100% for a project in Graphic Design at Curtin, as well as ending the semester with a final grade of 96% for Graphic Design. I personally believe that every brief should showcase the best attributes of a client in the most unique and surprising way - and if it doesn’t make people stop and stare, then it hasn’t done it’s job! I’d love to meet you, so come say hi!