Phoebe Tan


"A Quirky and Optimistic Designer who aims to create raw and radically egalitarian art platforms."

Phoebe is a Perth-based graduate graphic designer and arts manager. Growing up exposed to music, theatre and pottery, her passion for both the visual and performing arts grew as she matured in age. Her journey begins with working in marketing and retail places like Universal Studios, where she learnt to develop a skill of openness and relating to others easily. Throughout her diploma and degree, she has gained experience in designing and arts management by organising art festivals, volunteering and managing in a social enterprise exhibition space, art galleries, and a magazine studio. Phoebe is a quirky individual, who never stops to embrace her imaginative and curious side. Despite having to catch herself from being too imaginative and ambitious at times, she never fails to find joy in growth and new experiences. Her chirpy character allows her to stay easily motivated and she often brings optimism to those around her.