Sidone Race



"Don’t wait for approval. Not everyone will understand your vision. You just need to believe in yourself, remain positive and go get it done."

My name is Sidone Race and I have just graduated Curtin University with a degree in Creative Advertising and Graphic Design (yay!). I’m a confident and vibrant person who enjoys solving creative problems with even more creative solutions. I thrive in a collaborative, team work environment and believe that the best ideas require a variety of inputs. I have always been attracted and passionate about Advertising Design as my primary focus, however this year I have also began to dabble in Graphic Design and Branding. I was announced as a Finalist for the 2019 PADC Skulls Student Design brief for my beer, ‘Bood, Sweat & Beers’. I’m a keen learner and observer who takes every opportunity to better my skill set. I follow a thorough design process of research, ideation, concepting and development and enjoy each stage along the way. I aim to development my skills in copywriting, design and art direction going forward.